Who We Are

Founded on Excellence

Our Values

Professional and Construction Excellence

At City Enterprise, we exemplify our core values through every action we take, every day:

  • We are driven by integrity.
  • We are disciplined.
  • We are accountable.
  • We are transparent.
  • We are aligned.
  • We are results oriented.

All of us have more that we can give and can go further—and we each get to choose to chase after that potential each and every day. We can either choose to be average or choose to be great. We at City Enterprise challenge ourselves to be great and the best version of ourselves and the impact we have in the general contracting space.

Headquartered in Springfield, MA, City Enterprise has a solid and experienced team, led by a qualified superintendent, foreman and tradesmen.

Our Mission

Personal, professional and financial goal setting

City Enterprise first develops our team to be the best version of themselves through personal, professional and financial goal setting.

We are only as good as our best selves, which in turn allows us to serve our community, families and clients better. City Enterprise’ vision is to create a 10x multiplier of business growth year after year.

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