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City Enterprise won two General Services Administration (GSA) Construction Awards – Honors and Merit awards, recognizing the Silvio O. Conte Federal Building Veteran Affairs Clinic project. City Enterprise successfully delivered a state-of-the-art clinic as promised. This VA clinic was designed to update the clinic aesthetic and implement the VA’s new patient-aligned care standards. Upon entering the clinic, veterans feel a sense of welcome and belonging to foster effective interactions with medical staff.

City Enterprise VA Clinic Construction

Silvio O. Conte Federal Building Veteran Affairs Clinic – Construction by City Enterprise

Despite a tight schedule and complex requirements, City Enterprise executed the project in collaboration with the architect, GSA, and VA to ensure client satisfaction. The City Enterprise team also facilitated the movement of the VA clinic’s equipment and furniture, allowing uninterrupted patient care.

Watch the City Enterprise team accept the award at the GSA Construction awards ceremony: City Enterprise at the GSA Awards | Video.

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