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Wonda 1 - Massachusetts - City Enterprise, Inc

Wonderlyn Murphy

Wonderlyn is responsible for coaching and building the City team, not only for the health of City Enterprise, but for families and communities. She also oversees the company’s day-to-day operations.
charles young
Vice President of Construction

Charles Young

Charles is a concluder who brings over 35 years of rock solid, Commercial Construction experience which is imperative for his crucial role. His leadership and experience brings great effectiveness to the entire team. His strength and solid demeanor is greatly appreciated in the trenches as well as under the roof in that his knowledge and effective leadership allows everyone to stretch and grow which heavily assists in scaling the company. Charles’ open-mindedness has also allowed for healthy and valuable perspectives.
Peter Jaskievic - Springfield, MA - City Enterprise, Inc
Senior Estimator

Peter Jaskievic

Peter is responsible for calculating costs and gains of construction projects. He collects and analyzes data according to a series of useful variables to deliver a successful project win. Peter is the keystone of the company, bringing over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. Peter has been a mainstay for many years with City Enterprise.
COToole profile picture - Massachusetts - City Enterprise, Inc

Christine O’Toole

Christine has a passion for City Enterprise and its vision for building a solid team and and strong leaders. Christine is responsible for processing all AP/AR, monthly project billing, certified payroll, employee payroll, sub-contractor relations, H/R and internal systems training. Christine is exceptional at embracing change and driving the company to new and exciting spaces. The reason Christine has grown to such an important position is because she is not afraid of growth, both personally and professionally.
Randy - Springfield, MA - City Enterprise, Inc
Project Manager

Randy Lord

Randy is a bull dog of a Project Manager and has no fear when it comes to onboarding a new, challenging project and driving it successfully across the finish line. Randy also shares the vision of building leaders and developing great project managers. Randy was very green as a project manager when he joined the team, but he has sharpened his skills, continuing to develop his personal and professional goals. Randy is a tremendous asset to the culture and ecosystem of City Enterprise and has been with the team for many years.
Edward Kopec
Project Manager

Edward Kopec

Ed brings incredible energy, knowledge and ideas to the game. His precisionist personality allows him to think systematically, analytically and logically which are tremendous strengths needed for an effective Project Manager. Ed brings a knowledge of construction from other spaces which exposes and allows City Enterprise to shine in other lights.
Waleed - Springfield, MA - City Enterprise, Inc
Project Engineer

Waleed Khedr

Waleed brings a very lengthy construction background to the team. His skills and diligence are needed in any construction space, but we are very lucky to have him join us here at City Enterprise. He is very methodical in his approach to problem solving and disseminating information. Waleed works closely with the project management team on initiating new projects, troubleshooting and navigating difficult projects while also wearing different hats when needed on-site.
SJ2 - Springfield, MA - City Enterprise, Inc
Contract Support Administrator

Sandra Jacob

Sandra is a key player in the City Enterprise ecosystem. She supports the entire team, from filing, closeout tabbing to assisting with the bidding process. The system fails without Sandra's support to us all.
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